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2010 New Year Party


December 2009 the countdown has begun... On December 31th, 2009, most of our employees and their family (about 300 peoples) have participated a New Year's Party, which organized by Chinasol HR in New Orleans Style pub at Sea World, Shenzhen. We sing songs, dances and hang out together with our staffs and family. We have a great time to hang out that night.

When the disco music rocks the stage, everyone try to perform their outstanding "move" and demonstrating the vitality of the youth. The atmosphere here is so great that everyone enjoy their drinks, dances and the happiness together.

When the emcee try to count from"10, 9, 8…” Peoples are crazy and try to participate on the count down together. Everyone seem so excited when they countdown until "2, 1 and happy new year!!!!Chinasol technology is expected to be an eventful year with achievements and success in every field in Year 2010.


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