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Lantern riddles contest to celebrate Middle-Autumn day
Since ancient times, Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese. It has been left many popular poems from the famous poets. Its iconic moon became a symbol of beautiful things, and it’s one of the important traditions in China for a thousand year. Accompanying the celebration, lantern riddles is an additional cultural or regional customs.
In order to have our colleagues enjoy a good festival and express the company's holiday wishes and care, Ministry of Personnel Administration, Chinasol Technology Shenzhen’s conducted a “lantern riddles contest” activity.
The contest kicked off at 5:30 PM on 20-Sep-2010.The door of Chinasol Technology’s canteen was decorated by using heart-shaped pink balloons. Colorful lanterns and balloons were hanging on the roof. Every single balloon there was a riddle, every riddle has a meaning to express holiday greetings to Chinasol Technology’s colleagues.
Colorful prizes are giving away for those colleagues, who are able to answer the riddle. The prizes included delicious moon cake, milk, snacks, washing powder, tissues and etc.
Although it was a raining day on that evening, but the whole atmosphere was filled with a warm greeting and happiness. Colleagues are busy to figure out the answers or extend greeting to each other.
The happy time was going so fast that we had to dismiss, which surrounded by the happy atmosphere. Thank for the company’s business philosophy, which operate as "people-oriented" awareness. Beside, thank for the hard working logistics’ and provide family warmth to those colleagues who come from a foreign land.

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